Planning! Why should I bother?

Part 1 of 3


You’ve seen the posts, blogs, articles before….. Planning for a successful week, Setting Plans for the New Year, How to set up a Bullet Journal, etc – but have ignored them, as its not really your thing, too much hassle, your not organised enough.  But is it?  Have you ever wondered?  Ask yourself the following?


Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to do and remember?

In the mountain of stuff, do you find you forget things?

Do you find yourself in a panic or rush with last minute errands or tasks?

Do you write down to do lists on different pieces of paper or apps and loose them, or forget to look at them?

Do you forget about the new movie you wanted to see or book you wanted to read?

Do you forget what you had planned for dinner tomorrow night, or forget to pick something up in the shop today?

Do you find you skip from one task to the next without completing anything?


If any of the above sounds familiar to you, it may be time to start planning.  Many of us are excellent at planning in our work environment but fail to carry it through to our home lives.


So lets try an experiment, this week you need to grab two pieces of paper and a pen.

On sheet 1,  write out your week, 7 days, with any appointments, non nonnegotiables that have to be done, etc.  Then write a basic list of to do’s, nothing hectic what you’d hope to get done this week, any errands you need to get done, anything you need to buy.  Stick it up somewhere you will see it and mark things off as you get them done.


On sheet 2, leave it blank, also open a notes section on your phone or even text yourself.  This is where any time one of those I need to, I want to, I really should, That needs to be … all those things that pop into your head.  Don’t do anything with them (unless its something that needs to be done this week and then write it on sheet one), you may need more paper – even sit down with a glass of wine tonight and just clear your head.


Dont try and get ahead of yourself, planning is all about getting more done with less stress.


Next week, Part 2 … don’t worry about that till next week


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One thought on “Planning! Why should I bother?

  1. I try planning but even that overwhelms me sometimes lol. Sometimes I figure even if I’m not doing the most important thing, if I’m doing something then that is better than nothing and often it motivates me to o something else a bit later lol


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