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10 Week Plan for a Stress Free Christmas.

Almost everything can become less stressful when a little thought and a plan is put in place.  10 Weeks out is the perfect amount of time to start getting ready for Christmas, its close enough to feel like you’re not starting too early and far enough out to give you enough time to have everything in place.  The following is my 10 week plan to a stress free Christmas.  It’s flexible enough to be modified to suit your needs, but getting a few things done every week will mean by the time Christmas week comes around you will have time to relax and enjoy the festivities instead of last minute stressing.

Little P.S. before we start; I’m not even going to suggest when you should put up your decorations or tree, everyone has their own opinion on that.

10 Weeks Out

  • Conduct a Christmas Audit – have a look around the house for decorations, wrapping paper, sticky tape, gifts you have already purchased, ingredients for baking etc; anything you don’t need to buy again – make a list of what you have a what you need.
  • Write out your perfect Christmas schedule, basically your wish list of activities, places to go, people to see and when you’d ideally do them.
  • Write out your gift list, who are you buying for what are you getting for them
  • Write out your Christmas budget, what can you afford to put away this month, November and December – merging you wish list of activities, gifts for family and friends, and what you still need to get (yeah I know basically everything!! But at least you know what you can afford now). Also keep a track of all spending to help you budget next year.
  • If you need to book anything, eg santa, dinner with friends etc, now’s the time to do it
  • Now’s the time to get those Aliexpress/Wish orders in if you want to get them in on time
  • Buy a Christmas scented candle, might as well get the ball rolling

9 Weeks Out

  • Write your Christmas card list, who are you posting to, who are you giving by hand
  • Buy teachers’ gifts, and cards and/gifts for school friends
  • Buy ingredients for Christmas baking (cake, pudding, mince pies, cookies)

8 Weeks Out

  • Buy friends and neighbours gifts
  • Buy sticky tape for wrapping
  • Buy command hooks/strips for hanging decorations
  • Schedule confirmed plans and activities into your Christmas calendar
  • Get baking!! Time to make Christmas cakes and pudding. Make mince pies and cookies now and pop them into the freezer

7 Weeks Out

  • Make your on line shopping wish list, check out deals and offers – Black Friday is 24th November this year so special offers will be offered around this time
  • Declutter your wardrobes, time to throw away some items – maybe some relatives are asking for gift suggestions, this year you could actually tell them what you need
  • Buy Christmas outfits/PJs
  • Get your family portrait taken for your Christmas card, if you order them

6 Weeks Out

  • If you make hampers, start them now
  • Buy the last of the family gifts, don’t forget your partner
  • Order Christmas cards if you get them specially printed
  • Or buy your Christmas cards

5 Weeks Out

  • Make or buy your advent calendar
  • Buy wrapping paper and gift tags
  • Buy Christmas crackers
  • Write Christmas cards

4 Weeks Out

  • Stock up on the drinks cabinet
  • Stock up on pantry items
  • Buy/Order your Christmas Wreath
  • Order flowers for presents, family graves etc
  • Post gifts/cards to family and friends in Australia, New Zealand, etc by the end of this week

3 Weeks Out

  • Declutter kids toys, bin/recycle broken ones and donate good ones
  • Post gifts/cards to family and friends in USA, Canada, etc by the end of this week

2 Weeks Out

  • Make ginger bread house
  • Wrap presents
  • Go for a walk/drive to see Christmas lights in your area
  • Post gifts/cards to family and friends in Great Britain and Europe by the end of this week
  • Buy icing for cakes, cookies etc

1 Week Out

  • Print out Christmas printable and activities for kids
  • Post gifts/cards to family and friends in Ireland by the end of this week
  • Read Christmas stories
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Ice Christmas cakes, cookies, etc

Christmas Week

  • Enjoy, time to set your own Christmas Traditions

There’s loads of free printables on Pinterest to give you inspiration, and a little motivation to get started.  And as I said earlier this is a guideline, feel free to make this list your own.

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