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Goal Setting! Where to Start?

Little side note before I start.  I need to plan things and write things down!!!

St Patrick’s weekend was a busy one, and it was my birthday on the bank holiday, so I didn’t look at my planner until Tuesday, and then I said sure one week with no planning won’t make a difference.  Yes it did, I was all over the place that first week, busy and getting nothing done and then last week I spent the week catching up. Lesson learned, I’m useless without a plan, so I’ve just made up for it over the last few days, redoing my whole GTD projects list and tidying my whole system up.  I’m a new woman!!!

Now back to business…

Goal setting can seem a daunting thing when you just don’t know what you want and where to start.  We’ve been to the interview where we were asked where we see ourselves in 5 or 10 years and we just give the answer we think they want to hear.

For planning purposes its nice to have an over all plan, a goal, a destination, not to be just planning the practical stuff all the time.  But where to start coming up these fabulous goals.  I’ve a great little exercise for you, to get you started.

First you will need to grab a pen and paper and head off somewhere quiet on your own.  No distraction, an excuse to head off for a nice coffee and cake on your own, some where with a view, find your spot.

Now you are going to have the lottery day dream, you’ve won big time, picture yourself getting the cash, who have you looked after, friends and family, think about the house, the car, the holidays whatever you’d spend that money on.  Enjoy that daydream, really figure things out.

When you have yourself set up, you’ve got the things, looked after everyone, how are you going to spend your days?  Have a real think about it, do you set up your own business, lost weight, do you spend more time with your family, doing what… write this down.  Will you be still doing that in 10/15 years?

Here lies your real goals.  Well a point to get started anyway.  Some may be an exaggeration of where you are now already,  things to cherish and be grateful for.  Ok some of it still might be a little out reach, or is it?  Look at everything and ask what it is in the basic sense, is it something you could be doing now, or working towards.  Maybe there was one on particular holiday destination that really made you happy to think about going to.  Have you ever looked at how much it would cost to go?  Ok it might take you 10 years to save by putting away a little a month, but what about setting up a long term savings account and starting to save, think about where you were in 2008, maybe 10 years isn’t that long.  Maybe your dream is to move to another country, do you know the language?  Maybe its having your own business, changing jobs, travelling more, loosing weight, acting on stage….

Whatever it is, break it down to its most basic steps, what can you do now? how does that make you feel?  Are you right to feel that way? Is it time to change the way you think about yourself or that goal?

Some of your goals might still be subject to that lottery win, but you can take that first and second step while you are waiting.

I hope you found this useful in helping finding your new goals, or at least made you smile thinking about that lottery win.



Over the next few weeks I’m going to go into detail about travelers notebooks and bullet journals, and if there is anything you would like to know about ask away.

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New Year … My best year 2018

So here we are nearly at the end of February and I’m only writing about my new year now!!!  I’ll be honest I had a busy few months with my planner business and took my eye off the blog.  Worse I started a 3 part series of blogs and never finished them!!!  But that’s me, I go head into a project with a rough idea what I’m doing but no proper plan, goals or strategy.   I’m super at organising the practical things, and I do love my lists, but unless its on a list somewhere I loose momentum and its forgotten.

I had a great first year in business last year, but it was a little haphazard, with no real goals and targets – that all sounded a bit serious.  But if I want to move forward I need to set some, but where to start?  I do enjoy planning and organisation blogs and vlogs, and found a super vlog by Laura from “How to get your shit together” on goal setting and she had a review of Lisa Jacobs “Your best year 2018”.  And based on her review I had to purchase it. So here’s my little review too, its not to late to start your best year.


I am a novice at this kind of stuff and needed a book that not only explained what I needed to do, but brought me along and showed me.  And that’s exactly what this does.  Its not just a book but a workbook.  She starts with an introduction on how the workbook works, she explains the philosophy of the book and how she sets her years’ goals, etc and she asks questions on where you are now and where you want to go.  She has a load of exercises to bring you along, and she also has sample answers to help you when you are stuck.



By the end you’ll have reasons why you are doing what you are doing, an annual stratgey of where you are going and want to go, an actual plan (yipee!!!!), everyday action plans and monthly tracking sheets to keep you focused and on track for the year .. its everything you need in one book.  I’ll be keeping it on my desk and referring to it all year.



She also has a personal version for anyone who is more focused on personal goals for 2018, but this one has a mix of both.  And as a working at home mammy my goals are business, family and personal…. it all counts.

I’d definitely recommend this book and it can be purchased on amazon, not sure what retailers in Ireland stock it.

I’m going to be looking at different ways and tips to help organise my life as the year goes on, reviewing different books, experts and the advise that’s out there.  Of course I have to finish that series I started before Christmas, and I’ll be looking at budgeting, and other topics to get the most of you home life.  I’m very excited to be going forward and hope you will join me.


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